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Our Mission Statement

To develop a sense of community through the promotion of common interests

preserving the aesthetics of the neighborhood, enhancing the value of our property,
and maintaining a high quality of life within the Crest.

Architectural Modifications

Delays in homeowners requests are generally caused by lack of sufficient detail, illustrations, and samples, or non-compliance with guidelines. Electronically submitting packages via email is the quickest and most efficient way to process homeowners requests. Please note, the committee has up to 60 days to approve work packages.

Note: The forms listed below are in a “.pdf” format and work better when downloaded locally (i.e. desktop, or local folder). To download a form , hover the mouse cursor over the form hyperlink, select the hyperlink by using your right mouse button and select “save link as”. Open the document using Adobe Reader.

Reference material:
Architectural Review Process
Walls and Fences Policy

Painting work package:
Driveway & Sidewalk Painting Policy (New)
Painting Request Form (New)
ACC Construction Guidelines (New)
Paint & Other Specs (New)
Paint Color Samples (New)

Exterior modifications work package:
ACC Exterior Modification Form (New)
ACC Construction Guidelines (New)
Sample Site Plan

Siding Resources (New)

Report Common Area Problems:

Maintenance Work Order Form

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